Simple.   We exist to make your life easier!

OK, maybe not your whole life – but at least the part of your life that involves managing a network. 

That part we have covered.

The team behind NMSaaS has extensive experience in developing and delivering large scale Network Management solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our team has been involved in executive, technical and sales roles for many of the traditional Network Management Software vendors including: SolarWinds, Crannog Software, Cisco, Fluke Networks, Prognosis, Visual Networks, Air Magnet and others. We have delivered solutions to over 200 of the Fortune 1,000 and bring a unique skill set and experience to solving Network Management problems.

Those skills and experience have allowed us to identify a major weakness in traditional Network Management Solutions where organizations juggle multiple tools from several vendors, host and maintain these multiple software products, perform tedious manual software upgrades across their NMS estate and still have substantial gaps in their capabilities and visibility. Those days are now over with the advent of NMSaaS.

The NMSaaS technology platform has been developed for scalability and breadth of coverage within Network Configuration, Performance and Fault Management. Users of our platform range from School Districts and City Governments to a Global Manufacturing Corporation with 25,000 network devices and an International Retailer with 11,000 stores in 13 countries.

NMSaaS is headquartered in Orlando FL, with team members throughout the USA & Canada.

NMSaaS is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses, enterprise organizations and Managed Service Providers.

We are also looking to add qualified partners to our existing group of solution providers in North America and globally. Contact us today if you are an MSP, VAR, Systems Integrator or Solution Provider and are interesting in becoming part of the NMSaaS Global Partner Network.

NMSaaS is the Leader in Comprehensive Network Management

So for a little more detail.  We are a cloud based SaaS IT monitoring and management system.  We specialize in Network Devices, but we can handle just about anything.

Why cloud based?  Why SaaS?  Good question.

We feel that the “old school” way of spending a lot of $ upfront for a large software product that is hard to install, and difficult to maintain is just – well – WRONG.

There are so many benefits to a cloud based SaaS model.  Like what, you ask?  Well here are a few:

1. No big upfront costs.

2. Pay for what you want, when you want it (and turn it off if you don’t)

3. Much easier installation.  We handle the hard stuff for you in the cloud.  You just do the easy stuff on premise.

If that sounds like something you may want to try out.  Go ahead.  Try us out.  We don’t mind.  In fact, we kinda like it!

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