Why NMSaaS

We Exist To Make Your Life Easier!

OK, maybe not your whole life – but at least the part of your life that involves managing a network.

That part we have covered.

58+ Options For Granular Device Discovery

With custom criteria, you can discover devices according to your unique network requirements for a more comprehensive approach to monitoring.

Add Extra Tag Attributes

Gain structured visibility into your network infrastructure with the flexibility to add additional tags for easier monitoring, especially with large resources pools.

Discover 75K+ Devices...and Fast!

Rapidly uncover 75K+ devices with lightning speed, ensuring top-tier performance every step of the way.

The Problem

In the world of enterprise operations,

it’s crucial for companies to meet their complex network requirements with secure, budget friendly solutions. Unfortunately, as the number of devices grows,  performance can suffer and support becomes  unreliable. 

Within the network management industry,

many solutions are like patchwork quilts stitched together from mergers & acquisitions. This results in a lack of specialized knowledge, restricted visibility, and a reactive approach to monitoring. Our software is built by a single team on a unified stack to address these challenges for smoother operations. 

Now, more than ever,

the urgency to embrace the cloud is evident. The outdated model of hefty upfront expenses and complex installations is fundamentally flawed. With a cloud-based SaaS model, customers enjoy benefits like no upfront costs, pay-as-you-go flexibility, easy installation, and long-term operational efficiency. 

The Solution

NMSaaS is 

the cloud-based enterprise, network-centric, monitoring & management solution that enables network managers to manage 500 to over 75K devices, without sacrificing performance. 

NMSaaS differentiates

- A network centric focus for an expert-led solution - Speedy implementation for peace of mind - Dedicated support for a partnership you can rely on - Custom configurations for optimal performance - Vendor-agnostic for flexibility & futureproofing - Integration capability for versatility & scalability - The ability to manage over 75K devices without compromising performance

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