Network Inventory & Mapping

Dynamic Network Visualization

NMSaaS automatically showcases your network data in a dynamic topology, enabling comprehensive insights with custom categorization and unlimited views.

Network Inventory & Mapping

Network Discovery With Speed & Precision

Categorize Inventory Based On Any Attribute

Organize network inventory based on any attribute, enabling precise categorization for streamlined management, enhanced visibility, and informed decision-making.

Automated + Dynamic Mapping

Proactively visualize your network with dynamic & automated mapping, enabling real-time visibility, swift troubleshooting, and optimal resource allocation.

Limitless Visibility

Attribute-based categorization enables you to see device details for insights such as: unused equipment or out of date software, saving you money on support contracts or protecting you from risk of the latest attacks.

Unrivaled Network Inventory

Capture extensive data with the ability to categorize based on any attribute for infinite segmentation and comprehensive insights.

Discover detailed device/system information such as:

*Perfect for compliance reporting such as PCI, FIPS 140-2, SOX and more.

Automated + Dynamic Network Mapping

Proactively visualize your network data with automated mapping and unlimited views for enhanced insight and analysis.

Scale Without Compromising Performance

Grow with as many devices as needed while maintaining performance due to proactive scaling in our advanced distributed architecture.

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