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NMSaaS (Network Management Software as a Service)

Our cloud-based enterprise network management solution, enabling network managers to monitor & manage over 75K devices, without sacrificing performance. With a network-centric approach, NMSaaS differentiates itself with speedy implementation, dedicated support, a vendor-agnostic approach, and advanced configuration management. All delivered from a highly secure environment. 


is part of our family of companies operating since 2003 with offices in Florida, Austin, Canada, Germany, UK, and Singapore providing complex IT solutions, with a focus on network services.

Our team

has extensive experience in developing and delivering large scale Network Management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our team has been involved in executive, technical and sales roles for many of the traditional Network Management Software vendors including: SolarWinds, Cisco, Fluke Networks, Prognosis, Visual Networks, Air Magnet, Crannog Software, Extreme Networks, Ixia and others. We’ve delivered solutions to over 200 of the Fortune 1,000 and bring a unique skill set and experience to solving Network Management problems.

Our mission

is to turn the traditional network management industry to a more reliable and scalable solution, without compromise.  Generic

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