Network Event & Fault Management

Automated Problem Solving

NMSaaS effortlessly navigates event & fault management with insights from diverse sources, custom alerts and automatic root cause analysis, all within the ITIL framework.

Network Event & Fault Management

Custom Alerts, Efficient Resolutions

Comprehensive Coverage

Capture events from any source such as Syslog, Traps, Windows Events, Telemetry events, element managers, custom monitors, etc.

Custom Alerts

Receive real-time notifications for individual devices, ensuring efficient allocation of responsibilities for prompt issue resolution.

Automatic Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Streamline fault resolution by automating root cause analysis across the entire network infrastructure, eliminating the need for manual coding or rule adjustments.

Streamlined Network Event Management

Stay ahead of network glitches effortlessly with automatic problem-solving, flexible event sources, and smooth integration with existing tools.

Custom Alerting

Keep your network running smoothly by proactively monitoring predefined thresholds and capturing real-time alerts and logs from your devices.

Scale Without Compromising Performance

We can process many devices and events quickly while maintaining performance due to proactive scaling in our advanced distributed architecture.

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