Network Performance

Tailored Network Visibility

NMSaaS enables real time reports with custom tailored KPIs for detailed network monitoring reports, insights, and flexible export options.

Network Performance

Network Discovery With Speed & Precision

58+ Options For Granular Device Discovery

With custom criteria, you can discover devices according to your unique network requirements for a more comprehensive approach to monitoring.

Add Extra Tag Attributes

Gain structured visibility into your network infrastructure with the flexibility to add additional tags for easier monitoring, especially with large resources pools.

Discover 75K+ Devices...and Fast!

Rapidly uncover 75K+ devices with lightning speed, ensuring top-tier performance every step of the way.

Granular Network Insights

Unlock precise network performance details with 80 customizable reporting options to gain insights into device health and optimize IT infrastructure, 24/7.

*Uses SNMP (V1, V2c, V3), WMI, ICMP, WMI, API’s and more to discover your IT assets.

Personalized Network Insights

Easily tweak and export KPIs, on a schedule or on demand, for a detailed view of your network’s performance

Scale Without Compromising Performance

Add as many devices and measurements for each while maintaining performance due to proactive scaling in our advanced distributed architecture.

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