IT Systems Orchestration and Automation

Too many applications, no coordination between ITSM and Monitoring systems, too difficult to get at the data you need.  We hear this all the time.  At NMSaaS we have developed a much simpler way for organizations to automate and ontrol access their critical business data, in real time, without spending a fortune on custom development.  We call this:


NMLink is a software overlay on top of your existing systems which provides your end users with a simple, consistent orchestration engine which controls the flow of data between “Linked” systems.

NMLink is architected so that almost any underlying system(s) can be “plugged in” to our front end.  We orchestrate, aggregate, optimize and publish that data using modern interfaces.

NMLink supports data linking for both cloud and on premise solutions.  All of our application Links are centrally managed and controlled visually within our platform for ease of use and maintenance.


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