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We Keep You Up And Running

NMSaaS offers our customers the most advanced DNS Management platform in the industry.  Easy to install and operate, our management layer seamlessly operates with your existing DNS infrastructure.

We Integrate with a wide range of servers, from Windows DNS, to BIND, Unbound and PowerDNS.  NMSaaS DNS Management also offers cloud integration with support for Amazon Route 53, Azure DNS, NS1 and more…

Advanced System Security & Health

Central DNS Role Based Access Control (RBAC) combined with incredibly tight integration with Microsoft AD, stops unwanted access, eliminates errors and downtime, and enables DNS management without problems.

We constantly monitor the DNS System to detect and prevent unusual DNS activity. We also provide DNS security features such as Response Rate Limiting (RRL) and Response Policy Zone (RPZ) which adds extra security to essential DNS services.

The NMSaaS – DNS Management Difference

No need to change your DNS back-end systems. The NMSaaS DNS Management platform runs as a seamless management layer on top of whatever you are already using today.  On premise, we support BIND, Windows DNS, Unbound, PowerDNS and more.  If you are using / moving to the cloud NMSaaS DNS solutions can integrate & manage Amazon Route 53, Azure DNS, Dyn, NS1 and more. We can even migrate zones to cloud-based DNS services in a single click!

NMSaaS DNS management can consolidate diverse DNS data and then control, everything under a single pane of glass.   We make it easy to work with multiple DNS servers and hundreds or even thousands of different zones.

No matter how large, diverse or geographically dispersed your DNS environments are, we provide a real-time synchronized overview of you DNS infrastructure.  Managers and administrators now have consistent, reliable management of this critical resource.

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Open To The World

We all know data is increasingly being relocated to both cloud platforms and services.  The ability to connect with diverse environments critical.  Our unique, universal DNS server controller gives greater freedom for customization of DNS services, no matter where they are located. Our robust REST, SOAP and JSON-RPC API’s allow for unprecedented flexibility and automation. We also have a Plug-in for the VMware vRealize Orchestrator which provides seamless integration into your DNS infrastructure.

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