Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the system requirements to run this on my network?

A: NMSaaS requires the installation of a single on-site agent.  This Agent can run on a Windows or Linux OS.  The recommended specs for this Agent are below – these are based on the approximate # of devices you wish to Discover and Map.

Operating System – Agent **64 Bit OS Required

Windows or Linux OS (physical or VM)

Agent Server Recommended Specifications     

SMALL   MEDIUM   LARGE   Extra Large
(0-100 devices)   (100-500 devices)   (500-2000 devices)   (2000 + devices)
2 Cores   2 Cores   4 Cores   6+ cores
4 GB RAM   8 GB Ram   16 GB Ram   32+ GB Ram
100 GB HDD   200GB HDD   400GB HDD   500GB HDD


Q: What information would I need, in order to effectively discover my network devices and systems?

A: NMSaaS will use SNMP, WMI and other techniques to automatically discover, map and inventory your network elements.  So, in order to optimally discover your network, the following information should be available as necessary:


  • SNMP Read Communities for all SNMP capable devices.
  • WMI Username and password (Domain Administrator level privileges) for non-SNMP Windows systems.
  • For VMWare servers, we need an admin username/password to VCenter / Vsphere.
  • IP address range(s) for devices wished to be discovered.


Q: Do I need to make any changes to my firewall in order to use this service?

A: NMSaaS can operate in 2 modes.  The first is to use an automatic VPN connection from the Agent to our cloud servers.  In this mode, there are no changes that need to be made to your firewall or other network components. In the second mode, instead of a VPN, we use a Port-Forward on your firewall to connect from our cloud servers to the private IP of the Agent.  In this case a simple port forward would need to be put in place.


Q: What deliverables will I get from this service?

A: The Asset / Inventory information, Topology Maps & ICMP availability information will be made available to you by logging into your own web portal where you can create specialized reports of the data and see all results in a live Dashboard. You will also be able to export the information in the form of PDF reports & Excel Spreadsheets. NMSaaS can also perform complete Performance & Fault Monitoring of all network elements as well as Configuration Management and Lifecycle Management


Q: If I want to upgrade to your additional monitoring or management features, is that easy to do?

A: Yes!  A simple license upgrade is all that would be required to add-on any other of our advanced network monitoring or NCCM features.

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