Fault and Event Management

The NMSaaS Fault and Event Management solution provides automatic root cause analysis (RCA) and service impact management for all networks, systems, and services. This means engineers get to focus on service affecting events and are able to properly prioritize them.  Authentic problem analysis in real-time and subsequent problem solving requires precise automation of several interacting components.

NMSaaS uses threshold monitoring in conjunction with SNMP Trap processing and Syslog processing.  The built-in RCA subsystem correlates upcoming events without the need to create or alter correlation rules.  Alarm dashboards and notifications contain refined data that provides NOC engineers and managers with the logical and classifiable information they are able to work with.

fault and event system

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NMSaaS easily integrates with existing management applications and third party applications, such as trouble tickets. The NMSaaS Fault and Event Management suite can integrate with the trouble ticket application to open them upon failure detection automatically.  Upon clearance of the failure, the tickets are closed.

  • Automated correlation of root cause events without having to code or update rules
  • Enriches alarm information and dashboards with business impacting data
  • Provides alarm monitors for crucial KPI’s of all network assets automatically
  • Supports integration via SMS, pager, email, trouble ticket, and script execution on alarm events
  • Supplies real-time status dashboards of all assets and services
  • Provisions best-in-class event reports and statistics