NMSaaS: Cloud Based Network Monitoring

Using our robust NMSaaS platform, network managers can gain complete insight into their network at a fraction of the cost and deployment effort of other tools – from the Cloud as a Subscription.  Get More – Spend Less.

Understanding and optimizing the health of IT keeps getting more difficult. Modern IT business applications run on a complex mix of infrastructures—both physical and virtual, on-premise and on-demand.

• How do you get a unified, cohesive view of all the infrastructures and infrastructure elements that underpin your business services—so you can start to optimize them?
• When issues arise, how do you pinpoint where the source is?
• How do you speed problem resolution, and guard against downtime?

NMSaaS provides a comprehensive remote monitoring and management solution capable of monitoring all IP devices within your IT network to enable you to discover, monitor, manage and report on all aspects of your business infrastructure.

The NMSaaS cloud based network monitoring solution allows you to overcome your top challenges by:
• Monitoring the network to deliver a consistently high level of service 24×7
• Centrally managing a distributed architecture as if it was local
• Generating reports to gain insight into your network and communicate important IT information

Consisting of comprehensive IT monitoring as a Cloud Service, NMSaaS couples the broadest technology coverage with bullet-proof service delivery processes.  Instead of a siloed approach to IT management, you get the structured visibility you need to speed problem resolution and optimize your entire IT infrastructure.

3 Solutions. 1 Product

NMSaaS introduces Configuration Management, Performance Management, and Fault Management into one product – 3 solutions incorporated into one platform.

This reduces the total costs of ownership (TCO) and provides exceptional synergy between the different management sectors. Designed to provide end-to-end visibility to the complexity of today’s IT infrastructure, NMSaaS ensures smooth network operation. You get ability to localize bottlenecks precisely and eliminate them proactively, which avoids link overloads or even connection losses. This not only this leads to perceivable improvement of your network efficiency, but also results in cost reduction.

3 Solutions. Various Applications

Change the game and significantly increase your productivity with NMSaaS. It is a one-stop solution to manage all the needs of your organization virtually:

• Network Management
• Server Management
• Application Management
• Configuration Management
• VM Management
• VoIP Management
• Report Management

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