Are You Ready To Rev Up Your MSP?

It’s believed that there are at least 100,000 legitimate Managed Service Providers in the world (source: MSP Alliance)

99% of them focus on low value Desktop, VoIP phone & Server Management.
$ per desktop
$ per phone
$$ per server

The competition in this “commodity” area is Fierce!

Prices are driven lower each year, and margins are slimmer than ever.

To break out, MSP’s should focus on High-Margin more complex managed services.

$$$$ High-End Core Network Devices
$$$$ Compliance Policy Checking
$$$   Device Config. Backup
$$$   NetFlow
$$$   QoS monitoring

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Which NMSaaS Modules Are You Interested In Learning More About and/or Conducting a Trial?

You need an NMS platform that can support high-value features & scale without breaking the bank.

You Need NMSaaS

Managed Service Provider Deployment

Our simple yet scalable         multi-tenant deployment model makes installation a breeze

With NMSaaS you can offer a wide range of high margin services to your clients:

  • Multi-Site, Multi-Vendor Support
  • Complex Network Management
  • SD-WAN / NFV Monitoring
  • IPAM / DNS / DHCP Solutions
  • Device Life-cycle and Vulnerability Checks
  • APM / NetFlow Reporting
  • Change and Configuration Management
Managed Service Provider solutions

Our Super Flexibility Makes Your Life Easier

NMSaaS makes it very easy for you to get up and running.

  • Evaluation test licenses
  • Cloud based service, no need for you to purchase and stand-up expensive servers
  • Fully Supported POC’s and evaluations
  • Full Training for MSP Staff


NMSaaS makes it very easy for you to do business with us.

  • Flexible Licensing Model
  • Evaluation Software you can use on your clients network
  • Monthly or Quarterly Billing
  • Only pay for features you sell
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IT Solutions For Managed Service Providers

Join the hundreds of service providers already using this platform to deliver exceptional monitoring and management services to their clients.  The best part is that NMSaaS makes it so easy for you to get started.  With no up-front commitment you can download and deploy one of our on-premise agents onto your clients network in minutes.  Then launch our powerful network discovery to find and on-board the critical network and IT assets into NMSaaS.  We automatically begin measuring and monitoring every asset we find.

As the administrator of the tool, you have complete control over all aspects of the system such as:

  1. User and Customer Management
  2. Creation of Dashboards and Weathermaps
  3. Performance KPI’s
  4. Fault Thresholds
  5. Alarm Groups and Notifications

NMSaaS offers you all the benefits of an Enterprise class product with super scalability, but at a fraction of the cost to deploy and maintain.  NMSaaS provides complete training for your staff and fanatical support behind the scenes.


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