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We Make Complex Tasks – Easy

The NMSaaS DHCP module combines easy to use wizard-based scope migration with support for scripting.  Network Engineers can use standard scripting API’s like SOAP, REST or JSON-RPC (with Python) to create custom automations.

The DHCP module also helps consolidate mixed (hybrid) environments which may consist of Windows, Unix, Linux, ISC servers and Cisco devices.

DHCP – The Key to Unlocking IoT and Automation

Every connected device needs an IP address; and these days there are more connected devices than ever before.  Workstations, IoT devices, VM’s, Wi-Fi connected systems and more all rely on DHCP to assign them an IP address.  Long gone are the days where it was possible to assign and track IPs manually.

Today, everything must be automated, and that starts with using DHCP.   As one part of the DDI methodology, DHCP is the main driver of IP automation within a network, allowing for scalability and growth without leaving the network exposed to the risk of human errors.

NMSaaS Makes DORA Better

The four main stages of DHCP are referred to as DORA. This stands for:

  •                 Server Discovery
  •                 IP Lease Offer
  •                 IP Lease Request
  •                 IP Lease Acknowledgement

In order to have 24x7x365 reliable connectivity, all aspects of DORA must run seamlessly.  Speed and reliability of DORA are critical factors for an operations efficiency and reliability.

The NMSaaS DHCP offering is designed to make your DORA better.  We do this using a single pane of glass UI approach to integrating and management disparate DHCP systems.  NMSaaS supports ISC DHCP servers, Windows DHCP, Cisco IOS DHCP, Kea DHCP and more.

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Cloud Enabled – For Today’s Networks

The NMSaaS DDI system is built with hybrid could environments in mind.  Support for Amazon Route 53, Azure DNS and OpenStack are already built into our solution.  This means that are your organization changes we can work with you.  If you are migrating data centers and network services to the cloud – we migrate with you; and we bring along our unprecedented ability to help secure and effectively manage DDI.

The NMSaaS DHCP Module pulls all server data, management and administration capabilities into a single, unified interface, accessed via the Management Console or web browser interface. Role-based access management allows for powerful centralization and task delegation, further protecting a network by tracking when, where and by whom any changes are made.

Real-time two-way Active Directory synchronization means changes made locally on a DHCP server are automatically replicated and reflected in the NMSaaS Suite, and vice versa, keeping your network clean, fast and reliable

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