NetFlow Performance Analytics

NMSaaS  offers a high performance, highly scalable and flexible NetFlow solution. The NMSaaS solution collects flows from single or multiple locations, including up to thousands of locations. We have a great ability to combine your flow data with other data such as SNMP or WMI to give deeper insights into your Network behavior and quickly gain in depth Root Cause Analysis.

NMSaaS supports all versions of Netflow including V5/V7/V9, Flexible NetFlow, Sflow, Jflow, IPFIX…

NetFlow Basics:

NetFlow is used today in almost all enterprise IT organizations, and gives an insight into your traffic that SNMP just doesn’t provide.  The most basic use case for Netflow is to answer the question “Who is talking on my network and what applications and protocols are they using”?  This simple question, along with some additional more advanced analytics available in modern Netflow capable systems, forms the basis for in-depth network monitoring.

Initially NetFlow started out as a technology that focused on near real time performance monitoring (for example, “show me the top 10 talkers in the last 3 hours”) and has now become a much more in-depth tool that can be used for a variety of use cases.

Advanced usage scenarios include:

  1. Security analytics
  2. Billing justification and departmental chargeback
  3. Long term trending and capacity planning
  4. QoS analytics

Initially NetFlow was used with Routers and switches, but as the use and benefits of NetFlow have become more widely adopted, many more devices now are NetFlow enabled, these include:

  • Firewalls
  • WLAN controllers
  • Servers (VMware)
  • Network visibility systems (Ixia, Gigamon)etc
  • Packet capture systems (Viavi, Riverbed)  etc

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